Whether you come to eat with family, friends or colleagues you will be warmly welcomed with a wide array of mouthwatering delights for all to share. The dishes are cooked and served in traditional clay pots and spend a few hours slowly cooking in our bakery ovens, just like in the old days!.

Choose from our speciality Pork Knuckles, Pork braise, Coq Au Vin or Boeuf bourgignon then compliment them with a side dish of Sauteed potatoes with bacon, Creamy Spinach, Mashed Potatoes or Green Salad and you will find yourself fulfilled to your hearts content!.

So come and bring those that you care about to share in this unique dining experience and you will see that it is fun dining and not fine dining that we are all about.

All meat such as beef, chicken, pork , mutton, frog and shrimp are cooked with our traditionaly preserved secret ingredients to assure complete enjoyment of the meal.

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